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Roy O. Diké

Vice President & Director of Marketing

I have been searching for a good clinic in the Denver area for a while. After visiting many clinics, I discovered Happy and I couldn’t be happier. The clinic is beautiful, clean, inviting and modern.

- E.S., Genbooks Review


About Roy

Joined May 2020

Roy Diké: Illuminating Individuality and Cultivating Kindness


Allow us to introduce Roy Diké, the driving force behind our dynamic marketing efforts here at Happy Clinic®. A close collaborator with our owner, medical director, and CEO, Roy is dedicated to realizing their shared vision of a haven of compassion and care. His approach is one of innovation, inspiring our team to think creatively and, perhaps most importantly, empathetically.


Before his impactful role at Happy Clinic®, Roy's journey took him through diverse experiences, from being the design director for a 2018 general election candidate to advising a fitness company on their marketing strategy. His dedication as a content strategist and brand manager for a non-profit organization further showcased his ability to seamlessly integrate a brand's values and identity. This unique blend of expertise empowers him to spotlight our brand's authentic attributes and weave them into our mission of personalized care for every client and patient.


In an era of rapidly evolving digital landscapes and virtual interactions, Roy keenly recognizes the importance of self-presentation and personal branding. Joining the Happy Clinic® team was a natural fit, driven by his recognition of the genuine compassion radiated by the owner and staff. Their shared commitment to making profound impacts on each individual deeply resonated with him. The focus on nurturing self-love through rejuvenation aligns with Roy's own values, manifesting in a kind and uplifting environment.


Roy's connection to Happy Clinic® goes beyond marketing strategies; he played an integral role in shaping our new brand phrase, "Enhancing What Makes You Unique." His keen observation of the growing diversity in the field illuminated the fact that every individual possesses a distinct package, deserving of tailored aesthetic adjustments. This phrase encapsulates our commitment to enhancing each person's unique attributes, ensuring their transformation aligns harmoniously with their individual features.


Outside of his role at the clinic, Mr. Diké is a devoted family man who values quality time with loved ones. His penchant for exploration fuels his travels, while his love for music frequently leads him to experience his favorite artists in concert. Roy's multifaceted nature enriches our team and amplifies the Happy Clinic® experience, infusing every facet with innovation, authenticity, and compassion.

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How I focus on you as a patient:

1 — Experience.

Grateful for the privilege of collaborating with diverse brands across various industries, I've cultivated a wealth of experience in crafting tailored solutions to achieve distinct goals. Today, I channel this extensive expertise into fostering an altogether different kind of experience—the one that revolves around you. At the heart of my approach lies the firm belief that every facet of your journey matters, from the first warm greeting at our doors to the transformative results you carry with you.


My commitment is to perpetually expand my knowledge and explore novel avenues through which Happy Clinic® can center entirely around you. My aim is to ensure that the moments you invest with us are not only characterized by kindness and productivity but are also imbued with an enduring sense of happiness. By continuously evolving and innovating, I aspire to make every interaction, every service, and every moment you share with us exceptional and truly remarkable.

2 — Empathy.

Beyond experience, I place great emphasis on empathy and understanding. Each individual who walks through our doors brings with them a unique story, aspirations, and concerns. By actively listening and comprehending your needs, I ensure that our approach is not only personalized but also empathetic. This way, we create a space where your comfort, confidence, and well-being are prioritized, leading to an experience that's truly attuned to your journey.

3 — Holistic Wellness.

I'm deeply committed to your holistic wellness. Understanding that aesthetic treatments extend far beyond physical appearance, I strive to enhance your overall well-being. By carefully curating treatments and services that not only address cosmetic concerns but also contribute positively to your emotional and mental health, I aspire to ensure that your experience at Happy Clinic® is one that nourishes both your inner and outer self. Your contentment and fulfillment are my foremost goals, and I'm dedicated to enhancing your quality of life through our offerings.

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