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Frequently Asked Questions

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Give us a call so we can better answer any other questions you may have.

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  • What kind of providers do you have injecting?
    Nurse Practitioners, Dentists and Physcians, Oh my! Dentists. Dentists are experts in maxillofacial areas (chin to forehead). From schooling to their professional careers, they live in the facial, peri-oral, and oral areas every day! A dentist is more advanced than just any other healthcare professional who can now deliver Botox and dermal fillers to patients Physicians: DO and MD. Physicians undergo years of rigorous training, including the training they receive in medical school, their residencies, and beyond. They bring a unique perspective to the practice and must have a deep understanding of the human body. We find it important to always have physicians amongst our staff as there’s a level of assurance that comes from having a doctor on hand. Nurse Practitioners. Nurses have more experience giving shots. In their first year of nursing school, nurses are trained to become very familiar with needles to insert IVs, give shots, and draw blood. No other healthcare professional spends more time using needles than nurses do, as they are responsible for many needlework in hospitals. Nurses are also well-trained in their sterile techniques and pain management. Our injectors receive the best training from our founder and owner, Phil H. Nguyen, MD.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Denver Location: Open Monday - Saturday, 9 AM - 5 PM. Boulder Location: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM. Colorado Springs Location: Thursdays & Friday, 10AM - 6PM
  • What forms of payment does Happy Clinic® accept?
    We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and cash. Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept check.
  • Can I have more than one treatment done during my visit?
    When done in the correct order, many of the treatments that we provide can be coupled together. This can help save you time by reducing your number of visits. Have a couple of treatments in mind? Contact us today and schedule a consultation so that we can properly tailor your treatment day.
  • Do you take Care Credit?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to accept this form of payment.
  • Do you have a cancellation policy when booking appointments?
    When booking an appointment with us, we will ask for a credit card number to reserve and hold your appointment. If there is a no-show or a last-minute cancellation, this credit card will be charged a $25 fee per half hour booked. Dr. Nguyen's cancellation fee is $50 for returning patients and $100 for new patients. This policy helps us ensure our availability to give you and our patients room to book with us.
  • Do you have any COVID regulations in place?
    At this time, we strongly suggest wearing a mask unless you have been fully vaccinated. We will continue to keep our community informed of any changes to the COVID regulations given by the state and CDC.
  • Are consultations free?
    Yes, consultations are complimentary to serve as an informative introduction to a new treatment for new and existing patients. Further consultations after your first injection treatment and laser treatment will require a deposit that goes towards your next treatment.
  • Any information regarding refunds?
    Refunds are not issued over the phone. To initiate the process of your refund, we will require an in-person follow-up at one of our clinics.
  • How can I minimize bruising before injectables?
    Bruising can only always be minimized. To further help with this, we do recommend that you do not take any of the following medications unless prescribed by your physician, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, as well as vitamin E, turmeric, fish oil, or consume alcohol at least 5 days before your appointment to help prevent bruising.
  • Do you sell skincare?
    Yes. We have skincare options available in the clinic and our online store.
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