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LIFT Training

Advanced Injection Program


Happy Clinic is one of the top 20 Allergan (the makers of Botox and Juvederm) accounts in the country. Happy Clinic Denver offers intensive injectables training in our unique techniques of Botox and Fillers administration.


Trainees undergo two full days of shadowing with Dr. Nguyen and then at the end of the last day they can bring a model that the trainee and Dr. Nguyen can inject together. Dr. Nguyen uses a cannula technique for 95% of all his filler injections. 


As these are advanced techniques, it is recommended that trainees have at least 1 year of injection experience and want to expand their knowledge of using micro-cannulas for their filler injections.

"Just completed training for administration of Botox & dermal filler with Dr. Phil at The Happy Clinic in Denver to learn more advanced techniques. I had completed level I training already in Indiana. It was well worth my trip to Denver. He has really focused his practice on these esthetic procedures for years which has in turn honed his skills as a practitioner. 

I learned amazing techniques for placing dermal filler that really causes minimal bruising & swelling that you do not learn by taking classes. It gave me the confidence to come back to my practice & start utilizing those skills immediately on patients. Dr. Phil has such an artistic eye & can easily bring your youthful beauty back with so many nonsurgical procedures.  It was such a great experience that I want to go back and keep learning more!!!  Thanks Dr. Phil!!"

— Dr. Angela Smith, DDS

Family Dental Care - Loogootee, IN

"There really are no words for all I learned in my two days with Dr. Phil.  Learning one on one with him, side by side, patient after patient is priceless. The number of patients he sees and the number of different procedures he does is unreal!  I learned new techniques for lips, nasiolabial folds, tear troughs, and most importantly – cheeks! Watching him work and talk through his thoughts as he does, is NOT something you can learn from ANY other course. What I learned in two days side by side with Dr. Phil is more than I could have learned in two weeks of any other training.  


His techniques are unlike any other I have seen.  They cause little to NO swelling and bruising – this is one of the best things we can learn for our patients. One of my biggest “fears” of doing fillers was the bruising and swelling patients can get afterwards.  The techniques learned from Dr. Phil have taken that fear away.  I was “wowed” patient after patient after patient. I could not wait to get home and start using his techniques. In addition, he has been beyond kind in answering any question since I left – this is another thing you simply do not get from going to a big class. And did I mention I have watched all of the videos I took over and over and over?  If you have a good “base” and have done some introductory classes for botox and filler – I PROMISE YOU, THIS should be your next step – one on one training out in Denver with Dr. Phil!  I already have a second trip planned in a few months!"


— Dr. Amy Marckese-Braun, DDS. 

DentalSpa - Indianapolis, IN

Injection Technique Program
per trainee

Study the most advanced injection techniques.

Shadow our physician with one of the Top 20 Allergan accounts in the country.

Private hands on training segment.

Learn how to give your patients optimal results with faster recovery post-op times.


Get enrolled today and equip yourself with the most advanced injection techniques.

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