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Alfonso Fuentes, CLS


Absolutely the best! Alfonso is informative and pleasant. He exhibits the acumen any patient would hope to experience.

- Anne W, Genbooks Review


About Alfonso

Joined Happy Clinic® in 2001

Alfonso has brought his love of aesthetics and dedication to patients to Happy Clinic Denver since 2012.  At the encouragement of his long-time friend, Dr Phil H. Nguyen, Alfonso left a successful career in telecom to pursue his passion for helping people.


Under Dr. Nguyen’s mentorship, Alfonso has become a skilled and talented skin care practitioner.  He is a Licensed Aesthetician and a Certified Laser Specialist.  Alfonso knows firsthand the benefits of what he does for patients, having transformed his skin and appearance after years of neglect and premature aging.


His personal transformation has ignited an unwavering commitment to helping others reach their full aesthetic potential. His devotion to superb care has led to exciting outcomes for patients looking for a natural and effective approach to skin rejuvenation.


Alfonso’s understanding of the diversity of treatments and technologies offered at Happy Clinic Denver allows him to offer highly personalized and effective care for our patients.


Alfonso’s joy for life comes from his appreciation of family close friendships, movies, dancing, music, travel, and good food.

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How I focus on you as a patient:

1 — Devotion

Since the beginning of Happy Clinic®, I found it essential to dedicate my time here to Dr. Phil’s vision of a place where each patient is treated with kindness and is positively impacted by receiving great and happy results. I am devoted to this vision of a clinic that treats every individual as a family but most importantly devoted to you as a patient, so together, we can achieve your goals for happier-looking skin.

2 — Masterpiece

Life is like a work of art. If you're inspired to create something in life, if there is a will, then there is a way. In this walk of life, remember that you are an essential canvas that needs to be taken care of, and with my lasers, we can do just that. My lasers at Happy Clinic® are like specialty brushes that create beautiful skin like beautiful art. Each laser provides different effects that work well with each other to make incredible masterpiece-like results.

3 — Customize

Our differences add to the excitement of life, and it is even more exciting to share the same space to learn about each other. Though we may find similarities, we will find that we have different needs, which remains true with our skin. After receiving a consultation with me, we will combine your goals and my expertise to develop a customized treatment plan that will give you optimal results. The clinic has available skincare options so that I can send you home with the best post-treatment regimen.

Alfonso's Focus
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